Thursday, 17 August 2017

Fractions Practice

WALT- Revise and Remember our knowledge on fractions
Today I worked these fraction Problems out. Mrs Tele'a's maths class group Tapaono's week 2 activity is about fractions. On this presentation it has problems where you have identify fractions, adding fractions and simplifying fractions, and this helped me improve my knowledge about fractions.

Friday, 4 August 2017

I wonder Why

Last week Mrs Tele'a's home class started on a new task for inquiry. The task was about researching our I wonder question. For example: I wonder why we have other planets and we would have to type down on the presentation above and we had to reasearch the answer for the I wonder question.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Meausring Introduction

WALT:  Learning about how we measure things everyday - from the non-standard methods through to standard.
Last week Mrs Tele'a's maths class did a measuring followup where we all had to use our footprint to measure objects and to find out how many millimetres, centermeters and meters in the object, and I learned more about millimeters ,centermeter and meters.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

My holiday with my auntie

My holiday so far has being fun because I get to spend time with my aunty: Misilani sice she came from Samoa before the holiday's started. Our time schelued for ever morning is:
- Brush your teeth and wash your face
- Have breakfast
- Play music on the laptop
- Tidy up the house and our rooms
So my holiday is not the fun like some kids get to go to rainbow's end or going to the beach with family and friends, but I'm happy that I get to spend time together with my aunty these school holidays. And the other good news is that my birthday is coming up in thirteen days. (August the 2nd) Can't wait!!

Sunday, 9 July 2017

My holiday so far

Hooray!!! It's the school holiday's. It is finally the school holidays for kids I am so exicted for this school holidays because I get to spend more time with my family. Here are some idea's that I came up with to make these school holidays more exicting

Week 1: Probeley go to the Pamure basin with my family and have a walk around and get some fitness at the same time, or go to Mission bay beach and have a little swim around and have a picnic.

Week 2: Maybe go to Rainbow's End and have some fun on the rides and take pictures of the family and put it on the family tree.

So these are my idea's of what I want to happen in the school holidays. What would your idea for a prefect holiday be?

Thursday, 6 July 2017


WALT: Investigate situations that invole chance and identifying possible outcomes
This is my activity for week 9/10, this presentation was all about Probability about things that can happen unlikely, likely or certain. My favourtie slide would probley be slide 7 because it was really fun thinking about things that would happen to me.

Game Reflection

In extension this term our focus is on coding, so a few weeks ago me and my partner: Alisha have started our game for scratch where we had to make a space game. The worst problem that we had was broadcasting and making sure we had the right coding.
On the first level me and my partner: Alisha, we each did a job to finish the level, so I did the backgrounds and half of the coding while Alisha did the other half  and did the drawings of the sprites.
Problem: The problem that we had throughout the game was broadcasting because me and my partner still had problem increasing our knowledge for broadcasting.
Solution: Zoe from OMG Tech taught us there was an easier way to broadcast on scratch and she also helped us to learn more about broadcasting.

My favourite part about coding this Term for Extension was that I really got to bond with my partner and that I increased my knowledge for coding more than last term.